VQE2 – Bug Fixed

VQE2.com displays a virtual webcam of Queen Elizabeth 2, showing images from the webcam of the classic ocean liner from her sailing days up till November 2008.

Unfortunately we had a bug where the website was accidentally showing images from the webcam of Cunards newest ship, Queen Elizabeth. The confusion occurred because both ships share […]

New QE2 News Feed

I’ve set up a news feed for information about QE2 at http://qe2news.blogspot.com.

It contains an archive of news stories about QE2, as well as information about the new ship Queen Elizabeth which is to be launched in 2010.

To make it easy for you, I’ve also added a “QE2 News” section on the lower right […]

Rob’s new QE2 Website / Forum

Ocean Liner enthusiast, Rob Lightbody has created a new website dedicated to QE2 at http://theqe2story.com.

He’s set up a discussion forum at http://theqe2story.com/forum/

Rob’s done an great job in preserving the legacy of QE2 for future generations by his photos and recollections. I’m grateful to him for helping me understand why she’s such a wonderful […]

VQE2 – A new page for QE2.

I’ve added a new page to Shipwatcher dedicated to QE2.

http://VQE2.com shows the Queen Elizabeth 2’s virtual webcam. The pictures on the webcam update every one or two minutes, and show webcam pictures that have been captured from some of her many journeys.

I’ve also gathered all of the Shipwatcher videos of QE2 on the […]

Added: More QE2 Photos

I’ve added several hundred more webcam pictures of QE2 in Edinburgh and Rotterdam. I’ve also added the remainder of the Panama Canal Transit.

That takes the total QE2 photos to over one thousand.

I still have quie a few more to add.

Added: More QE2 Webcam photos

I’ve added several hundred QE2 webcam images from her last visit to Sydney, and her east-bound approach to the Panama Canal. I’ve just completed a bulk upload facility so I should be able to add more images more quickly over the next few weeks.

New: QE2 Virtual Webcam

The big news in the last month is that QE2 is no longer in service.

Normally I’d remove the webcam from ShipWatcher because it’s not transmitting live pictures any more.

But QE2 is special, so I’ve modified her webcam to show images from our archives of webcam images. Rather than showing what’s happening now, her […]

QE2 Final Voyage from the Red Sea to Dubai

Here’s the final instalment from my series on QE2’s final voyage.

This one covers the part of the voyage from the Red Sea to Dubai.

A lot of the video is of the voyage, and not much is of Dubai. This was a deliberate decision on my part. It’s about a wonderful ship, not about […]

Video: QE2 from Lisbon to Gibraltar

Here’s another instalment in the series on QE2’s final voyage.

This video covers the sector from Lisbon, Portugal to Gibraltar.

There’s a really nice sunset in Lisbon, and a pleasant Moonrise after the departure from Gibraltar.

BTW I thought the accompanying song was ironic. I think although we feel otherwise, we never have all the […]

Video: QE2 in Naples and Malta

Here’s a timelapse video of QE2 on her final visit to Naples and Malta last week.

I think the colors on the water are beautiful.

Also, there’s a really interesting part in Malta where a ship adjacent to her lets down a life raft and it sails around for a while. It looks quite […]