Pacific Dawn in Fjordland

Here’s a timelapse video of Pacific Dawn as she cruised through Fjordland in New Zealand this morning.

Pacific Dawn in Fjordland New Zealand

Sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Here’s a video of our sail-in to Sydney Harbour, past the Opera House, under the Harbour Bridge as the ship’s horn blasts a couple of times.

Sydney Harbour is spectacular, and sailing in during the day is a fantastic experience.


Video: Harbour Pilot boards Dawn Princess entering Sydney Harbour

Here’s a video from our recent cruise aboard Dawn Princess.

We arrived late into Sydney, which was fantastic, because we got to see everything in broad daylight rather than in the early hours of the morning.

As we approached “The Heads” at the entrance to Sydney Harbour, the Pilot pulled alongside our ship and […]

Dawn Princess: "A Day in Brisbane"

Ship Dawn Princess is currently receiving maintenance at a drydock on the Brisbane River.

Brisbane is beautiful in winter, so I thought I’d record and upload a timelapse video from her webcam of a day on the Brisbane River, from sunrise to sunset.

The view is across the river from the cruise terminal where most […]

Where old ships go to die

Here’s a CBS video about the ship graveyeards of Bangladesh.

QE2 Final Voyage from the Red Sea to Dubai

Here’s the final instalment from my series on QE2’s final voyage.

This one covers the part of the voyage from the Red Sea to Dubai.

A lot of the video is of the voyage, and not much is of Dubai. This was a deliberate decision on my part. It’s about a wonderful ship, not about […]

Video: QE2 from Lisbon to Gibraltar

Here’s another instalment in the series on QE2’s final voyage.

This video covers the sector from Lisbon, Portugal to Gibraltar.

There’s a really nice sunset in Lisbon, and a pleasant Moonrise after the departure from Gibraltar.

BTW I thought the accompanying song was ironic. I think although we feel otherwise, we never have all the […]

Video: QE2 in Naples and Malta

Here’s a timelapse video of QE2 on her final visit to Naples and Malta last week.

I think the colors on the water are beautiful.

Also, there’s a really interesting part in Malta where a ship adjacent to her lets down a life raft and it sails around for a while. It looks quite […]

Video: QE2 Final Transit of the Suez Canal

She’s on her final voyage to Dubai.

Here’s a timelapse video of QE2’s final transit of the Suez Canal.

Star Princess in the Falklands

Here’s a video of Star Princess on her visit to Stanley in the Falklands last week. It looks like a beautiful part of the world…