Pacific Star – Final Voyage

She has finished her service with P & O and is now in Singapore getting rebadged for her new owners, Pulmantur in Spain.

This is a timelapse video of Pacific Star’s final voyage to Singapore. It covers about nine days starting half-way up the Queensland Coast.

My dear wife says it reminders her of how […]

A Tribute to Ship Pilots

They jump between small boats and ships

Sometimes in the middle of the night

In the middle of the sea

Fair weather or foul

So that we can have fun on our cruise.

This is for those courageous souls who brave the rough conditions while we’re enjoying ourselves.

Celebrity Mercury

Jane asked me to do up a video of Celebrity Mercury cruising in NZ and Australia.

The problem was that Mercury doesn’t have a cruisecam. So I was restricted to whatever images I could find from on-shore port cams as Mercury passed in front of them.

The Tauranga webcam is remote controlled – you can […]

New Video of the Three Queens in New York City

It took a few days to capture and mix, plus the webcams kept cutting out on me all the time, and I missed a crucial sail past by QV in front of the Statue of Liberty, but it still worked out ok.

Hope you enjoy it. It will never happen again.