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ShipWatcher Webcams - Live Webcams of Cruise Ships
ShipWatcher Webcams - Live Webcams of Cruise Ships

Live Cruisecams

If you’d like to see some live pictures of cruise ships right now, wherever they are in the world, go to ShipWatcher Live Webcams. You can chose from around 100 different ships, or just let ShipWatcher pick a few interesting ones for you. The images update automatically, and if you see a picture you like, you can take a photo with the virtual camera, and keep it; or add it to our gallery.

What are you waiting for? Your virtual cruise is leaving right now, and you’re welcome to come aboard

VQE2 - A virtual webcam of QE2
VQE2 - A virtual webcam of Queen Elizabeth 2

Virtual QE2

A virtual webcam of Cunard’s QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2). She might be retired now, but at VQE2 she still sails the seas

Historical images of ships in hundreds of different ports
Historical images of ships in hundreds of different ports

Photo Archive

You can also search our HUGE archive of thousands of photos of ships in different locations from the last few years, including ships that have since retired, like Cunard’s QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2). See what it looks like to sail into New York, Sydney Harbour, The Panama Canal. Also, have a look at some of the gallery pictures that were taken by other people using the virtual camera.

If you’re curious about what a certain port looks like at different times of the year, or you’d like to re-trace your steps on a cruise you enjoyed recently, why not flip through the pages of our Photo Archive.

Follow ships on a map
Track ships on our maps

Ship Tracking Map

Perhaps you’d like to follow the voyage of your favourite ship on a map. Or see what ships are in your part of the world today. Most of our ships can be tracked on a map, and we even have some map gadgets you can add to your own webpage or blog if you’d like to show your friends what’s going on.

ShipWatcher Slideshows – Beautiful Slideshows of Cruise Ships


Why not get a slideshow of some of our ships? The slideshows are updated every few hours with new pictures of our ships. And you can easily add the slideshow gadget to your website or blog.

News Articles

News items from hundreds of different news outlets


The ShipWatcher Blog gives you some interesting articles about ships – current and historical


Dozens videos of cruiseships lovingly crafted from their webcam images.

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