VQE2 – Bug Fixed

VQE2.com displays a virtual webcam of Queen Elizabeth 2, showing images from the webcam of the classic ocean liner from her sailing days up till November 2008.

Unfortunately we had a bug where the website was accidentally showing images from the webcam of Cunards newest ship, Queen Elizabeth. The confusion occurred because both ships share the same Call Sign.

I’ve fixed the bug, so VQE2 should be working perfectly now.

If you’ve never checked it out before, why not take a trip down memory lane and see what QE2 was doing a few years ago!

VQE2 – A new page for QE2.

I’ve added a new page to Shipwatcher dedicated to QE2.

http://VQE2.com shows the Queen Elizabeth 2’s virtual webcam. The pictures on the webcam update every one or two minutes, and show webcam pictures that have been captured from some of her many journeys.

I’ve also gathered all of the Shipwatcher videos of QE2 on the same page so you can watch them without having to search through youtube.

For those of you who haven’t guessed it yet, VQE2 stands for Virtual Queen Elizabeth 2. http://VQE2.com is a much easier way for you to get to the webcam photos for this great ocean liner.

If you have any QE2 webcam photos you’d like to add, please contact me at mail [at} Shipwatcher {d0t] c0m. I’ll gladly give you credit for the photo on the main page.

New: QE2 Virtual Webcam

The big news in the last month is that QE2 is no longer in service.

Normally I’d remove the webcam from ShipWatcher because it’s not transmitting live pictures any more.

But QE2 is special, so I’ve modified her webcam to show images from our archives of webcam images. Rather than showing what’s happening now, her webcam on ShipWatcher will show images from her previous voyages.

QE2’s “virtual” webcam still updates every two minutes, and the pictures are in chronological order. So as far as possible, it looks like a live webcam.

I have a few thousand images to add to the archives over the next few weeks to make the experience more realistic.

If you have any copies of QE2 webcam photos that you’d like to share on ShipWatcher, please let me know and I’ll give you info about how you can add your pictures.

Please have a look at QE2’s virtual webcam and let me know what you think – if there are any problems, or if it doesn’t behave as expected.

QE2 Final Voyage from the Red Sea to Dubai

Here’s the final instalment from my series on QE2’s final voyage.

This one covers the part of the voyage from the Red Sea to Dubai.

A lot of the video is of the voyage, and not much is of Dubai. This was a deliberate decision on my part. It’s about a wonderful ship, not about “Gaudy Arabia” (aka Dubai) – an ostentatious city of opulence.

Also, I’ve tried to keep the video simple. There’s much I could say, but I didn’t think it needed to be said in the video. QE2 speaks for herself.

I highly recommend a poem posted by “The Real PM” on Cruise Critic, entitled Goodbye. One powerful image from it:

All gone, all gone, the people gone
The Champagne and the bands.
And Gulliver’s made fast at last
By Lilliputian hands.

I’ve enjoyed recording QE2’s webcams, and have fallen in love with this ship even though I never got to see her in real life.

Goodbye old girl.

Video: QE2 from Lisbon to Gibraltar

Here’s another instalment in the series on QE2’s final voyage.

This video covers the sector from Lisbon, Portugal to Gibraltar.

There’s a really nice sunset in Lisbon, and a pleasant Moonrise after the departure from Gibraltar.

BTW I thought the accompanying song was ironic. I think although we feel otherwise, we never have all the time in the world. Neither do wonderful ships like QE2.