Minor fixes to ShipWatcher

Some of the ShipWatcher features weren’t working when you viewed the site using the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE8), so I’ve fixed those problems.

Basically if you held your mouse over a webcam image, you were supposed to then see information about the ship. This didn’t work in IE8. While I was testing this, […]

New Ship: Carnival Splendor

I’ve added Carnival Cruise Line’s new ship, Carnival Splendor to ShipWatcher.

To see her webcam, just click on “Preferences” scroll to the bottom and look in the “Carnival Cruise Lines” section.

She has two webcams, although it appears that the “aft” cam is pointing at the swimming pool.

Server problems fixed.

I apologise for the unavailability of ShipWatcher.com over the last few days.

Our server failed, so we bought a new server, which also failed.

Not being one to give up easily, I’ve been on this issue since Friday lunchtime, and am relieved to say that as of about 10pm last night, everything is now working […]


I’ve improved the accuracy of the location reports for the following ships:

Queen Mary 2 Queen Victoria Fram Arcadia Oriana

Improvements: Speed & Accuracy

Over the last few days I’ve improved the response time of most ShipWatcher functions. It should be loading a lot faster now. If you notice delays, please let me know.

One other thing I’ve improved is estimating where a ship is. Some ships don’t broadcast their position. They only tell us where they came from […]

New MAP Feature

I’ve added a new facility to Shipwatcher so that you can see a map that shows the locations of all the ships that are in the database.

When you click on the “Map” link on any of the Shipwatcher pages, you will see a Google Map that shows blue pins for each ship for […]

FIXED: Photo page was running slow.

The Photos page was taking ages to load.

I’ve fixed this problem by improving the way the database is organized, so you won’t have to wait so long for the photos page to load, or to do any searches.

New: QE2 Virtual Webcam

The big news in the last month is that QE2 is no longer in service.

Normally I’d remove the webcam from ShipWatcher because it’s not transmitting live pictures any more.

But QE2 is special, so I’ve modified her webcam to show images from our archives of webcam images. Rather than showing what’s happening now, her […]

New webcam Photo Database

I have just completed the webcam photo database.

Instead of uploading photos to Flickr, ShipWatcher now stores photos in a database and lets you search it.

Click on the “Photos” link on the right hand side to see what it looks like.

You can search by ship name, company, port of call, etc, […]

Problems with Photos / Flickr

We’re having problems with Flickr at the moment.

For some reason the folks at Flickr deleted all of the photos we’ve uploaded from here. I’m in the process of getting them to restore them all.

Till that’s fixed, I’ll be recording all photos locally, and will make a searchable database available as soon as possible.