New: QE2 Virtual Webcam

The big news in the last month is that QE2 is no longer in service.

Normally I’d remove the webcam from ShipWatcher because it’s not transmitting live pictures any more.

But QE2 is special, so I’ve modified her webcam to show images from our archives of webcam images. Rather than showing what’s happening now, her webcam on ShipWatcher will show images from her previous voyages.

QE2’s “virtual” webcam still updates every two minutes, and the pictures are in chronological order. So as far as possible, it looks like a live webcam.

I have a few thousand images to add to the archives over the next few weeks to make the experience more realistic.

If you have any copies of QE2 webcam photos that you’d like to share on ShipWatcher, please let me know and I’ll give you info about how you can add your pictures.

Please have a look at QE2’s virtual webcam and let me know what you think – if there are any problems, or if it doesn’t behave as expected.

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  1. >What a great idea. A someone who watched the QE2 over many years but alas never managed to sail on her, this is a great way to continue the dream. Thanks

  2. seen her launch, seen her being fitted out at greenock dry dock, seen her leave on her trials but unfortunatley never sailed on her.

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