Auckland’s Amazing Acrobatic Tugboat

We recently sailed from Auckland’s beautiful harbour aboard P&O’s Oriana which is currently on a world voyage.

The local tugboat captain skillfully helped the 65,000 tonne Ocean Liner gracefully reverse from her berth, and sent her on her way to Sydney.

But after he’d done the job, the Tug Boat captain showed us what he, and his powerful tug could really do.

To the Auckland Port Authority, and their Tug Operators, thanks for giving us a memory that will stick with us for years!

Please forgive the camera movement in the video. It’s very hard to hold a mobile phone camera still while trying to celebrate at the same time.

2 Replies to “Auckland’s Amazing Acrobatic Tugboat”

  1. This is amazing, i’ve seen many tug boats helping to manouvre cruise ships when i’ve been aboard but none as spectacular and cool as that! What a star, reminds me of the Bandit in Smokey and the bandit, a big cool show off!

  2. Lee, thanks for commenting. I think those tug operators are stars, too. If you ever get to visit Auckland, it’s well worth the time. I’ve sailed out of Auckland a couple of times, and enjoyed it thoroughly 🙂

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