New features: “Quick Pick” and “Show Videos”

I’ve added some new features:

1. Click on the “Quick Pick” button to quickly pick a few ships that are worth looking at. The system will choose ships close to either a sunrise or sunset. If there’s any space left over, it will add in some ships that are in the middle of the day. This makes it easier for you to avoid picking ships that are in the dark – you can’t see much at night!

2. Click on the “Hide Video” / “Show Video” button to toggle the display of videos at the bottom of the page. I’ve added a few timeplapse videos of ShipWatcher webcams down here. The selection changes depending on which ships you choose. If you don’t like seeing the videos, just click on the “Hide video” button. ShipWatcher will remember your preference for next time.

If you’ve got any complaints or advice about these latest changes, please let me know. My main priority is to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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