New Fun with “Quick Pick”

Sometimes when you view the ShipWatcher page, some of the ships are in darkness.

A while ago, we fixed this by adding a “Quick Pick” facility which quickly selected a few ships close to sunrise or sunset. That way you could easily get rid of the ships in the night, and see something more interesting.

But then, if you came back again a few hours later, some of those ships would be in in darkness, and you’d have to click on “Quick Pick” again to get some new ships.

So I’ve added a new feature: When you click on “Quick Pick” now, you get asked if you’d like ShipWatcher to automatically do a quick pick every time you visit the site. This is handy because it means you ALWAYS get to see ships that are in daylight.

Please try it out and let me know if you find it helpful – I’m always looking for ways to make ShipWatcher better, and I appreciate any advice!

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