QE2 Final Voyage from the Red Sea to Dubai

Here’s the final instalment from my series on QE2’s final voyage.

This one covers the part of the voyage from the Red Sea to Dubai.

A lot of the video is of the voyage, and not much is of Dubai. This was a deliberate decision on my part. It’s about a wonderful ship, not about “Gaudy Arabia” (aka Dubai) – an ostentatious city of opulence.

Also, I’ve tried to keep the video simple. There’s much I could say, but I didn’t think it needed to be said in the video. QE2 speaks for herself.

I highly recommend a poem posted by “The Real PM” on Cruise Critic, entitled Goodbye. One powerful image from it:

All gone, all gone, the people gone
The Champagne and the bands.
And Gulliver’s made fast at last
By Lilliputian hands.

I’ve enjoyed recording QE2’s webcams, and have fallen in love with this ship even though I never got to see her in real life.

Goodbye old girl.

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