VQE2 – A new page for QE2.

I’ve added a new page to Shipwatcher dedicated to QE2.

http://VQE2.com shows the Queen Elizabeth 2’s virtual webcam. The pictures on the webcam update every one or two minutes, and show webcam pictures that have been captured from some of her many journeys.

I’ve also gathered all of the Shipwatcher videos of QE2 on the same page so you can watch them without having to search through youtube.

For those of you who haven’t guessed it yet, VQE2 stands for Virtual Queen Elizabeth 2. http://VQE2.com is a much easier way for you to get to the webcam photos for this great ocean liner.

If you have any QE2 webcam photos you’d like to add, please contact me at mail [at} Shipwatcher {d0t] c0m. I’ll gladly give you credit for the photo on the main page.

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