Your photos. Get famous!

As you can see I’ve changed the layout of the blog and the ShipWatcher main page to show photos related to cruising. The photo in the banner rotates to a new one every time you visit the page.

Would you like one of your own photos to appear in the banner?

If you’ve got any good quality, hi-res photos, that are your own work, and are suitable to cropping into an 800 x 150 pixel banner, and if you’d like some public recognition, please send them. I’ll put an acknowlegement to you in the photo, and it will get seen as one of the banners when people visit ShipWatcher.

Just email me at mail [at} ShipWatcher {d0t] com. Sorry about having to scramble the address up like that but I don’t want any spam

BTW Do you like the new layout?

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