Fun New Gallery Feature

If you like the image that is appearing in one of the cruisecams on the ShipWatcher page at a specific time, you can now click on the camera icon () underneath the picture. This takes a snapshot of the ship, and lets you upload it to the Gallery.

If you want to be famous, you can leave your name, so we can credit you with the photo.

If you’re shy, just leave the name blank, and we’ll upload it anonymously.

This is really useful if you want to send a copy of a cruisecam picture to your friends, and don’t have a publicly available place on the web where you can store pictures. Feel free to use it and link to the photos.

To prevent abuse, we’ve currently limited it to 3 photos per hour, to a max of 10 photos per day. If you don’t think this is enough, please leave a comment and I’ll increase the limits.

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