Bugs, Fixes, Changes

  • I’ve added a comments link on the top right to make it easier for you to add comments.
  • I’ve added a list of relevant books from Amazon about cruising at the bottom right.
  • With the news items I’ve changed it so only the first bit of the news item has a clickable bit. When the whole line was clickable it was too blue 🙂
  • BUG: When you click on the MAP link it doesn’t display the map properly. This is a bug in Flickr. We just have to wait till they fix it. Till then, try clicking on “Photos” then “Map”. Or click the MAP link and then hit your browsers BACK button after you get rid of the error pop up. Sorry about this but there’s nothing I can do about it.
  • The KML file for QM2 looked really strange because of a bug. I’ve fixed it 🙂 Now when you view info about QM2 or look at her KML on Google Maps, it will appear properly.

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