Slideshows, Screensavers, Wallpaper!

I’ve modified the system to “GeoTag” the photos. What that means is that when you view the photo with Flickr you get the option to look on a map to see where the photo was taken. Older photos in the stream haven’t been tagged. But all the newer ones have.

You can see a slideshow of recent photos from ShipWatcher here:

This screen saver seems to work well with Flickr photo streams:

This Desktop Wallpaper Changer (JBS), by John Conners will download the photo stream and update your desktop wallpaper:

If you use it, make sure you go into More Settings / General and reduce the minimum picture size to a smaller number (say 20) so that it pics up the webcam feeds (since they’re smaller than 640 pixels wide). See the attached screenshot.

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